Acolytes, Lectors & Lay Eucharistic Ministers


Acolytes are a very important group in the service of our Lord.

Acolytes are at least 8 years old and are baptized in a Christian church, and are willing to serve.

As a leader in the worship service, acolytes must remember that they are role models to all, including the
younger children in the church. For this reason, it is vital that they follow the service and not appear bored or tired.

Acolytes must be willing to serve the Lord.

Roles of the Acolyte

Crucifer – who caries the cross and wears alb (white robe) and cincture (rope)
Torches – who carry the candles and wear alb (white robe) and cincture (rope)
Thurifer - who swings the incense thurible and wears (white robe) and cincture (rope)

Lay Readers or Lectors

Assist the priest by reading the Old and New Testament passages appointed for the day.

Eucharistic Ministers

Assist the priest by administering the chalice during Holy Eucharist


  April 2020  
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